Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The dogs

This is the last full day in the current housesit. I move out tomorrow. It has been quite nice – not too far from work, in a fairly interesting area, a small and basic but modern sunny and comfortable house. The dogs are starting to get a bit annoying. The golden retriever/Labrador cross is completely neurotic and whenever I get home it barks hysterically, whimpers and then when I let it into the house it races around at full speed after having picked up toys in its mouth from the toy box. The other dog – a fairly solid silky terrier, staffy something cross follows suit. In the mornings they are up at 4.30am – 5 pm with the Labrador going through the full whimpering, putting a toy in its mouth routine if I get up to go to the loo. At that point I close my bedroom door as otherwise they both start jumping on my bed and the Labrador is a big dog. At about 6am I get up to open the door so they can run out and then 6.30 – 7pm they get their breakfast.

Last night while watching television, the golden retriever wanted to jump on my lap and lick my face – yuck. It does this fairly frequently. As it is a very large dog and as I am not that keen on having my face slobbered on all over a bit of a struggle usually ensues. Yesterday evening the smaller dog wanted to join in as well and jumped up on the couch preparing to jump on to me. As soon as I finish my dinner a whole routine of the little dog sitting up on its hind legs and begging and the other dog starting to bounce around starts. They want the bones from the lamb chops, so I have to get up and do the washing up immediately to stop the harassment. I don’t know how people can live like this year in and year out. It’s exhausting.

The garden is huge as well, it took me more than half an hour just to water the whole thing on Sunday – I was using the rainwater tanks. The garden is mostly in pots – I think for two reasons: to save it from the scrub turkeys whom I have to feed with corn cobs and wild bird seed every day and also it is on a steep slope with a drainage problem, prone to large volumes of water turning into a rushing stream when it is raining heavily.

I have to clean up and pack today – one of my very least favourite housesitting tasks. I’ll have to put the dogs out in the garden while I am doing this. They follow me everywhere and the golden retriever starts getting hysterical if I move around too much. But overall this sit hasn't been too bad - not like the nightmare the last one was.

I must remember to restore the chemical infestation to the bathroom. All the 'airfresheners' are in a bucket covered by another bucket in the under the house area. Even so you can still smell them when you are near the buckets.


Kat said...

Have just discovered your blog and am loving it, being a full-time housesitter myself I can relate to a lot of your experiences. Keep up the good work!!

Shado said...

Hi Kat, Thanks for your comments. You have inspired me to write a new post! Where abouts do you housesit? It would be great to share experiences if you can leave me a contact email.